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The WormBox© worm composter can be adjusted to suit your interior space. This composter has different levels and compartments, creating a volume of between 32 and 72 litres. It has been designed and made in France from recycled plastic.

This is one of the sturdiest worm composters (THE very sturdiest, even) on the market. It can even support the weight of a human and be used as a seat: the wheeled base is designed to withstand 100 kg!

The wheeled base supports the round trays stacked on top of each other. Worms can move from bottom to top where fresh organic waste is regularly added for them in the upper tray.

This composter’s unique look means it will work nicely with your interior scheme.

The design and integrated trays are the fruit of our 15 years of experience and passion.

The main goal is to offer a durable worm composter that’s great value for money. The WormBox© is sure to meet all your expectations. Worms can live happily inside, transforming and recycling your household waste efficiently into compost that can be used on your plants.

Grows with you: you can add extra trays as your family grows and even replace the lid with a planter.

Ultra-durable: 15-year warranty.


  • 1 lid,
  • 2 to 4 trays (your choice),
  • 1 planter (optional),
  • 1 liquid-collecting tray with tap,
  • 1 wheeled base,
  • 1 user manual in English.

The WormBox© worm composter has many advantages:

  • Has the biggest worm composter processing capacity on the market.
  • Good value for money: 100% French manufacturing quality.
  • Low environmental impact: the Wormbox is made from recyclable plastic.
  • Modular and scalable: simply add more trays if needed.
  • Aesthetic and ergonomic: fits easily into your home and is practical for everyday use.


As the lower compartments fill up, add a new tray to raise the level. Attracted by the new supply of waste, worms gradually come up to feed on the fresh organic material. Vermicompost and compost tea are harvested from the lower levels of the worm composter.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 47 × 47 × 49 cm

Beige, Beige, Black, Blue, Blue, Fushia, Fushia, Grey, Green, Grey, Green, Raspberry, Orange, Orange, Raspberry, Red, Red, Black, Turquoise, Turquoise, Black, Green, Turquoise, Orange, Beige, Blue, Raspberry, Fushia, Grey, Red


2 trays, 2 trays, 2 trays, 3 trays, 3 trays + Planter, 3 trays, 3 trays + Planter, 3 trays, 3 trays + Planter, 4 trays, 4 trays + Planter, 4 trays, 4 trays + Planter, 4 trays, 4 trays + Planter

Worms Pack

1kg of compost worms, 1kg of compost worms, 250gr of compost worms, 250gr of compost worms, 500gr of compost worms, 500gr of compost worms, Without compost worms, Without compost worms, Without compost worms, 250gr of compost worms, 500gr of compost worms, 1kg of compost worms


  1. Annelle Reilly

    Lovely product. Expensive for what it is.

  2. Cathy Huxley (verified owner)

    It took me some time to find this particular worm farm on the internet.
    I think it was time well spent as this appears to be the best small worm farm on the market.
    Beautiful elegant design, strong and practical for the worms too.
    The company appear to be very efficient and care about their customers.
    I would heartily recommend this French company and product to anybody.
    In fact I intend to buy this same product for my brother for Christmas!

    • RecyWorm

      Thank you for your comment 😉
      It’s a pleasure to see you again.

  3. Rosemary Thomas

    Thankyou . I received my worms and equipment about 10 days ago and am very pleased with it , the worms seem happy.
    Unfortunately the base over the rollers does not fit well but this does not affect the worms and so far all is well. I am looking forward to the next process.

    • RecyWorm

      Thank you for your comment, check that you have not put the support of a wheels upside down. Everything must fit perfectly.

  4. Alena Zvarova (verified owner)

    5 stars. Everything ok how it should be. Worms nice and healthy. Good product. I would recomend.

  5. Philip Reddan (verified owner)

    Very impressed with speed of delivery, everything there. One problem that I have is that several of the smaller worms are going down into the reservoir on the bottom and drowning, what can I do to stop this?
    Phil Reddan

    • RecyWorm

      Thank you for your comment ! You can put a container and leave the tap open

  6. david manley (verified owner)

    Great product, really well made many thanks!


    • RecyWorm

      Thank you for your comment !

  7. david manley (verified owner)

    Great product many thanks!

    • RecyWorm

      Thank you for your comment !

  8. amanda jones (verified owner)

    So far so good – wormery and worms arrived fit and healthy. Easy to set up and maintain.

    • RecyWorm

      Thank you for your comment !

  9. Jane Rose (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it! Super stylish and just so easy to fill and remove compost. I’ve had a few composters over the years but none as practical and easy to use as this. The worms have settled really well and are fat and chunky. Kids enjoy making sure the right mixture of waste goes in and we have already had compost and use the bonus of the liquid compost straight from the tap. Brilliant product, highly recommend.

    • RecyWorm

      Thank you for your great comment! Glad you like our product.

  10. Christine Stevens (verified owner)

    It’s absolutely brilliant. My worms got established very quickly and seem to be very happy

  11. Antony (verified owner)

    Love this worm box. We had a wooden one before that managed to get a fruit fly infestation. The hard plastic of this one though is great and we’re able to manage them much nicer. The tray system works well and I like that I can stack them on the lid while I deal with lower trays. Would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to vermicompost.

  12. Becky Kirbitson (verified owner)

    Looks great, my worms seem to doing ok, I’ve had a few drop into the bottom and drown. Otherwise I’m very pleased with my wormery. I keep it outside, hopefully the worms will survive our winter. Just one small issue, the tap is a bit close to the ground so I loose quite a lot of liquid when I’m emptying it. Love the colours too and I got the one with the lid I can grow flowers in.

  13. Ralph (verified owner)

    We are very pleased so far with the WormBox, but we have had it only a few days. A friend has given us some surplus worms from their wormery. The instructions could be a little clearer but it doesn’t take long to figure out how to construct it and how to get it working. Shame their isn’t a bottle/container provided to collect the liquid from the tap. We also would have wanted to have the planter for the top but it was not on offer when we ordered the unit. Overall, it looks good and is well constructed.

  14. Anthony Bennett (verified owner)

    Super engineered Wormery/composter, every part fits perfectly, plenty of room for the inhabitants to be busy, this is UK December and the worms are working well after only 3 weeks, a testament to their happiness 😆 I have 4 composters but this is the very best one, I do feel that because of the expertise of the developers these are the very best product on the market today, in the spring I will be purchasing another and retire one of my old wooden ones, Thank you for the speedy delivery I was really impressed as my local delivery of parcels usually take longer than this and it was handled with care by U.P.S ps. love the different colours.👍

  15. Jackie and Andrew (verified owner)

    Fantastic worm farm. We wanted to buy a worm farm that would be easy to maintain (we had tried traditional compost bin which didn’t work well). The design of this work farm means it’s easier to layer the fresh food waste and the worms move between the trays. The worms have eaten so much of the fresh food so far which is fantastic as it means less waste going to landfill and we can use the broken down materials in the garden beds. Lots of worm wee too which is making our plants very healthy. Super quick delivery and helpful advice from RecyWorm team. Thank you

  16. Annie O’Leary (verified owner)

    Great wormery. Sturdy, simple to use and looks good too

  17. Sue Chalmers (verified owner)

    I thoroughly recommend the set up. My worms settled in well and had a summer outside and are now safely in the basement still composting away in the relative warmth. The composter looks good and the worms are working very well. They use all the recommended waste foodstuff from my 2 person household. The “worm tea” was a very beneficial by-product. Thanks for the excellent service.

  18. Dr C Frost (verified owner)

    I’ve had this wormery for a few months now (no point in reviewing it after a couple of weeks). The worms settled down after a week of trying to escape every night and are quite happy in the corner of our kitchen. No, they don’t smell! We did look forward to our first lot of worm compost but the worms were reluctant to leave it; despite there being nothing left to munch through in this layer it still has more worms than the layer with the food and paper waste. We sieve out what we need and the worms go back to the crunchy layer. My houseplants are a lot happier since they have been getting worm tea but we have noticed just a few compost flies being attracted to the pots. Not a big issue as they don’t seem to be originating from the wormery. Yes the wormery is a little expensive but it has a 15yr guarantee. Where else can you get that?

  19. Urszula (verified owner)

    I wish to buy more trays 🙂 very practical ,good quality,nice designed. The best worm box for your own worm farm . Thank You.

  20. david kerr (verified owner)

    great peice of gear works well like it alot any one thinking of a worm farm wood like it.

  21. Anthony Bennett (verified owner)

    Great composter this is my 2nd purchase and am very pleased with this company as they go the full mile with their service to the customer. I have noticed in the reviews some people are having problems with the base being loose this can be rectified by attaching the wheel base with the sub base above it using 1x 80mm x10mm long bolt 4x 10mm penny washers and 4x 10mm nuts this will allow you to adjust the height. Ps. Drill 11mm holes in base and sub base only. This all should be done after the castor wheels are fitted.

  22. Matt (verified owner)

    Our garden at home is too small for a composter so we bought a WormBox to help with our food waste and create compost for our plants, after reviewing the options and reading the amazing Gardeners World review. We’re now a month in and are loving it! It’s stylish, easy to use, not too big or too small and our worms seem happy :). Plus we got the planter version so have some lovely flowers on top. The two things I would tweak are to design the sticker of food you can and can’t serve your worms as nicely as the wormbox itself and to be a bit clearer with the instructions in terms of how much water to add as I don’t think we added enough at first. Overall, though, we are super happy with our worm hotel so would totally recommend! 🪱🏩🌟

  23. Mary Uren (verified owner)

    Very easy to set up, and with clear and simple instructions on use. I love using my worm box, it’s brilliant for a small space, looks good too. Very happy with my purchase.

  24. Susan McKenna (verified owner)

    I have had my composter a few months now… works seem very happy and whilst I have four containers I’m only up to three so far. Delighted . I haven’t used the compost yet at the bottom but will do soon… excellent system so would recommend

  25. Audrey Scott (verified owner)

    Very easy to assemble. Works wonderfully. Five stars.

  26. Jill carter (verified owner)

    Brilliant product excellant customer service .very satisfied customer

  27. Alison Smith (verified owner)

    My second wormery. Fantastic. Made of very durable plastic.

  28. Meraud (verified owner)

    Really simple to use and much more efficient than ordinary composting. We bought one, and then because it worked so well we bought a second (we’re a family of four, including two teen athletes who eat an impossible amount, and having two means we can also compost quite a bit of brown paper and card packaging). I love them.

  29. Sharon (verified owner)

    Great bit of kit. Not had long enough for a decent amount of compost yet, but, have drawn off 5 litres of worm tea. One of my worms is about a foot long!

  30. Andrew Thompson (verified owner)

    Six months on and my wormery is thriving. Nice construction, easy to set up and use. My only comment would be that too much rain can enter via the air holes if the wormery is not under cover but taping up the holes seems to have had no negative effect.

  31. L. Montenegro (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased this vermicomposting box and it fits very well. Great design and very intuitive to use. All parts fit perfectly together.

    It’s my first vemicomposting experience and it’s going smooth so far.

  32. Betty T (verified owner)

    Fantastic. An investment, but still much better value for money than others on the market. No complaints other than it appears my lid has warped so although it still works it’s not half as snug as it used to be. I haven’t done anything that would have caused this other than leaving it outside on my sheltered balcony so it did come as a surprise. Oh well! Can’t have it all. Love that it’s modular and you can buy spare parts for it!

  33. Zoe Salvidge (verified owner)

    Have had this worm compost bin now for about 6 months. Really love its design and how efficient the worms seem to compost everything I put. I have now already added extra layers onto it. Customer service is excellent as I had a problem with something getting broken on transit. Piece was replaced with no problem at all. Would highly recommend this company and product.

  34. Grant (verified owner)

    Bought for my partner, who says it’s great. We’ve had it six months now and the worms are happily multiplying and churning out compost. Looks good too, which is important as we have it inside.

  35. Jan (verified owner)

    I really love this product. Well made and working well. The worms are doing their job.

  36. Luiza (verified owner)

    It is early days but very happy with the delivery and the product.

  37. Janette Kerr (verified owner)

    It looks good and is easy to move around now I’ve been sent a replacement base that the wheels can fit into. The tap is rather close to the ground so I need to find a shallow container or I could raise it off the ground(which would do away with the need for wheels!! I’m having problems with the worms who are continually migrating down into the sump. I dont know why or how to prevent this.

  38. Diana (verified owner)

    It’s been nearly 8 months now since setting up my wormery. Great strong product and well constructed. The population of worms have increased considerably and I have lots of baby worms and eggs. I have the luxury of a garage to keep my wormery in, so it keeps dry from the rain and cool from the heat. I have just done my first sifting and are delighted with the yield.

  39. Dick Nuttall (verified owner)

    Impressive fast delivery, excellent product now in use for several weeks. Much more durable than previous version had since 2010 (that was gnawed by rats! and very brittle plastic needed several repairs) but is not much more rainwater-resistant (small lid overlap and upwards-facing bin joints) so still have to keep it in the outhouse/shed. But great product nevertheless. (Perhaps wheels are unnecessary?)

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